Corlette Douglas
                                                             Illustrator/ Character Designer/Animator                        

  Professional Profile
 My name is Corlette Douglas I am a freelance illustrator from Fashion Institute of Technology with a Bachelors in Illustration and knowledge of animation and video editing .  I am a hands on illustrator and animator with a traditional aesthetic, I like designing fun, creative characters for possible children illustrations and personal animated videos. My main mediums of choice are watercolor, gouache, and color pencils.  I find that these mediums give a colorfully whimsical tone to my art, having studied illustration for 4 years I gained knowledge of Adobe suites such as adobe photoshop , adobe illustrator, In design, Animate/Flash and After Effects.

Technical – skills

Skills attained                             Software                                              
watercolors                                 Photoshop
pencils                                        Animate
Gouache                                     After effects
Concept art                                Illustrator
Character design

Professional – Experience 

Children's book Illustrator for Elaine Blum a Inner New York City speaker Winter (11/2016-02-     )

Illustrated several chapters for a poem book for children to young teens ( still on going )
I am in charge of planning out the concept for each poem from start to finish, making sure each image follows the same look and feel with each character , prop and simple background.   20 pages in total and  mostly done in watercolors each page will contain text to go along with each image.
Jeff Koons LLC  Painter/Head Artist Summer (6/12/2015)

⦁    Head painter on large mural paintings
⦁    Saw that any artistic task was completed
⦁    Used oils to retouch and canvas surface.
⦁    Crating painting for the glazing ball gallery show for Jeff Koons
⦁    Printing historic and iconic master paintings with high res and precise detail for later use.
⦁    Learned how to use technical equipment for  crafting use

 Portmeirion Plate Company Botanical Garden Design Intern Summer August (2013) Winter

⦁    Created new projects and designs for upcoming plates and models
⦁    Was expected to think out of the box and help head designer come up with concepts
⦁    Was the first head illustration designer they’ve taken on their team
⦁    Used and had knowledge of Adobe suite illustrator to create Christmas line for Botanical Garden
 plate line
⦁    Household products were made for everyday use first made through Adobe illustrator
⦁    Color coded sand sketched new products that were ideas for new home goods line
⦁    Made licensed characters  into products for use when needed.

         Colorist for Award winning children’s book Illustrator  Sheila Hamanaka  ( Spring 2014)
⦁    Assisted in coloring graphic novel about African Elephants.
⦁    Used gouache  to bring the  novel Hamanaka saw in her mind to fruition  




                                                              Fashion Institute of Technology, Manhattan NY
                                                                       School of Visual Arts Manhattan NY
                                                                       Graduated August (2009-2014) May
                                                                             Bachelors in Illustration
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